Angelina College adds new degree program

Angelina College adds new degree program
Source: KTRE

LUFKIN, TX (AP) - Angelina College announced Wednesday their addition of a "web technology" program, which will be the first of its kind on the campus. The curriculum will include design and maintenance of web sites, as well as digital art and imaging.

The courses will be located in the social and behavioral sciences division, with contributions from fine arts.

"The two-year web design course is basically geared to allow a student to learn the basic fundamentals of developing a web design for a website," said instructor Saundra May.

According to May, the idea for the program came from a need in the community.

"We feel this program was needed because, again, organizations of all types and all sizes really can benefit from putting themselves out there, via a web page," May said.

CMS IP Technologies in Lufkin is an active example of this need, with the company working in all areas of technology, including web design and cyber security. Micheal Osborn, their Regional Director of East Texas, agrees that this program is necessary.

"When a company publishes a web site, a lot of times, they'll think well that's all there is to it. But, it requires a ton of upkeep and maintenance, and it just requires a lot of work," Osborn said.

CMS IP Technologies also includes technologies along with their other services.

"You don't have to call your web developer or CMS and say, "Hey can you make the change for us," said account manager Noie Valez. "We go ahead and educate them on how to make those changes. Changes in the calendar, upload pictures of events they have. And, that's a really big part of it, and customers really enjoy that because they don't want to have to be depending on other people."

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