Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 06/29/17

Crown Colony at 900 Crown Colony: 10 demerits for soap needed at hand sink in Tiki Hut, hand wash sink not used for hand washing only, dispenser nozzles at Tiki Hut needed to be cleaned, raw eggs stored above ready-to -eat food, handles with scoops needed, and wiping cloths used for drying dishes.

T.G. Burgers at 811 Pershing: 6 demerits for food manager not on site, food handler certifications not up to date, paper towels needed at all hand sinks, and hand washing signs needed at all hand sinks.

Outback Steakhouse at 2206 South First: 6 demerits for knives not stored clean on rack, pest control needed to be increased, food stored on floor, and soiled liners not stored in container with lid.

Buffalo Wild Wings at 105 Miles Way: 5 demerits for damaged seal on ice machine lift-up door needed to be replaced, sanitizer concentration at dishwasher in bar area needed to be increased, and general clean needed for bottom-shelf cabinet under liquor.

Ralph and Kacoo's at 3107 South First: 3 demerits for raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods and food stacked without protective coverings.

Family Dollar No. 8300 at 8676 U.S. Highway 69: 0 demerits.

Big's No 3823 at 909 S. Medford Drive: 0 demerits.