KTRE honored with community service award for weekly Survivors series

KTRE honored with community service award for weekly Survivors series

GALVESTON, TX (KTRE) - On Thursday, the Texas Council for Community Centers for Community Services for Media honored KTRE with the Frank M. Adams Award for the TV station's weekly Survivors series, which airs at 10 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

"In December of 2014, we made the decision to partner with Burke and also to make the Survivors feature an ensemble effort with every reporter contributing," said Jeff Awtrey, KTRE's assignments editor. "I'm proud to say the team took the challenge, and there has only been one week in the past two and a half years in which we didn't have a new story to give to our audience."

Awtrey said, by his math, that resulted in about 130 inspiring stories of individuals overcoming obstacles in life. He explained that his current staff of multi-media journalists includes Caleb Beames, Donna McCollum, Khyati Patel, and Haley Squiers.

"They deserve the credit for this award," Awtrey said.

Since 2014, other reporters have contributed stories to the series as well.

Several KTRE staff members were on hand for the award presentation in Galveston Thursday.

In his speech at the award presentation, Awtrey thanked Burke for the organization's ongoing partnership with KTRE. He added that Burke has given KTRE the freedom to select which stories to tell. At the same time, Burke's staff provided stories of their own when the TV station needed them.

"We tell these stories of Survivors to improve our community," Awtrey said.

He said the Survivors series lets KTRE's viewers who are dealing with tough times know that there are people that have made it through similar circumstances.

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