Nacogdoches' Main Pecan brings artists together

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Bosslight is best known as a unique bookstore in Downtown Nacogdoches, located at the corner of Main and Pecan. It's also home to "The Main Pecan," a spot reserved for the artistic spirit.

At the back of The Bosslight patrons will find The Main Pecan. It's kind of like a living room open to the public. Co-owner/manager Tim Bryant provides the spot for artists of all mediums.

"It's about bringing different kinds of artists together and letting their art rub up against each other and influence each other and inspire each other," said co-owner Tim Bryant. "That's the real purpose behind The Main Pecan."

Bryant's business sells art for a modest commission, but The Main Pecan is a free venue.

"Art is too commericalized already," Bryant said. "I try to keep it as organic as I can."

The author and musician believes art is meant to be shared. Much to the pleasure of the artists who show up.

"You feed off of each other as far as the creativity and the ideas and just the friendship and camaraderie," said Deric Peveto, an artisan for Wood By Hand.

Musicians Drew and Sue Wenner call The Main Pecan a fun place to share old-time music.

"It's a music we like to see preserved and more youngsters start learning to play it and enjoy because it's a popular genre in other parts of the country and this could be a good place to get it going," said musician Drew Wenner.

Stained glass artist Cassidy MacQueen is wanting The Main Pecan to bring artists out of their shells.

"There's already a lot of it here, but I feel like it's under the surface," said Cassidy MacQueen, a stained-glass artist for Sage & Solder.

Authors, book clubs, musicians and artisans are calling Bryant. There's even a gofundme page started by the artists to help with venue expenses. Totals are adding up fast, helping Bryant complete the mission of The Main Pecan.

An author discussion and book signing are scheduled Saturday at 1 p.m. at The Main Pecan located inside The Bosslight.

It's open seven days a week.

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