Rambler needs to ramble on to a forever home

Rambler needs to ramble on to a forever home
Rambler loves to get his ears scratched.

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Rambler is a two year old German Shepherd mix with tons of years ahead of him.

He's is a sweet dog with tons of energy, that loves to run, jump, and sniff around.

Rambler would be great for a family with young kids that have plenty of time to spend with this pup. His home will need a fenced in property just so he's not tempted back into his old lifestyle.

Katie Broadus with the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter tries to let Rambler run around as much as possible, but he's still always full of energy.

"He's definitely an attention hog, as you can tell. He didn't get a whole lot of attention for a while," said Broadus. "So, he soaks it up whenever he can get it. Not a lot of people have been taking him out here because of the fact that we don't want him to get loose and run off again. But, as you can tell he definitely loves for people to get him out of the kennel."

He's also ready to go with a negative test for heart worms.