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East Texas women knit prosthetics for breast cancer survivors

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More than six months ago, Cindy Taaffe discovered her close friend, who's like family, had breast cancer. 

That's when her friend's life turned upside down. Now, Taaffe has helped turn it around by using her hands.

She's knitting a special hand-made breast prosthesis, called Knitted Knockers, for women who have had to undergo mastectomies.

While her friend is still coping with the cancer, Taaffe said, the knitted or even crocheted knockers, help women undergoing the medical treatment a boost to their overall image.

"I think it gives the women a lost more sense of confidence and knowing that they can have something immediately," Taaffe said.

Owner of Yarnia Valerie Binning, who has partnered with the organization Knitted Knockers, said many times there's a long process for the prosthesis to be made because women have to wait until they are healed. This could take a toll on any woman wanting to move forward with her life.

Binning said women who choose the prosthesis find them as "they're hot, they're heavy and they're really expensive." 

Knitted Knockers is a perfect alternative when medical bills are already piling up. The organization explains on their website when women undergo a mastectomy they are often left with scars and wounds take time to heal.

"They are not irritating to the skin and are very comfortable against scar tissue or even a wound," Binning said.

 Knitted Knockers are often made out of cotton or other natural plant fiber yarns. As a result they are very comforting to the skin.

"You might be at how you can help somebody with some craft that you enjoy," Taaffe said.

Binning said after they've collected all the Knitted Knockers, she will mail them to the organization who will then distribute them to women in need.

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