Affidavit: Lufkin woman tried to force her way into ex's home, threatened his wife

Affidavit: Lufkin woman tried to force her way into ex's home, threatened his wife

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Angelina County Sheriff's Office arrested a 35-year-old woman Friday in connection to allegations that she tried to force her way into a home in the 100 block of Lang Drive an effort to assault her ex-husband's current wife over a child custody dispute.

Gloria Diane Glover, of Lufkin, was booked into the Angelina County Jail Friday on a first-degree felony burglary with the intent to commit another felony charge. She was released from the jail Saturday after she posted an unspecified bail amount.

According to the arrest report East Texas News obtained Monday, the victim filed report about Glover with the sheriff's office on June 6. The woman told the ACSO deputy that took the report that she has been trying to co-parent with Glover in regard to her husband's daughter.

However, the woman told the deputy that Glover has made that task increasingly more difficult over the last few years, the affidavit stated. Glover had allegedly been harassing the victim through text messages, telephone calls, and social media messages for about two months about Glover's daughter.
The affidavit stated that the victim had also been receiving messages on her social media account from Glover's friends that threatened to harm her if they ever "caught" her in public.

Later, the victim was able to provide the ACSO deputy the text messages between her, her husband, and Glover. In the messages, the victim's husband asked Glover to stop texting him at that number and gave her another one he wanted her to use.

Glover then allegedly told the man that she would continue texting the number for the cell phone her ex-husband had given the victim until her attorney told her otherwise. According to the records provided to the sheriff's office, Glover continued texting that number on June 3.

When the alleged victim asked Glover to stop texting that number, Glover told her that she would text the number "twice a day" because it was about her daughter.

The ACSO detective learned that on June 24, Glover's ex-husband and his wife were at their home with the children when Glover arrived at the home in the 100 block of Lang Drive "unannounced and uninvited. According to the affidavit, the man told the detective that he and Glover had a verbal agreement about visitation times with their child, and that she had just agreed that the girl could stay with her father longer than the time allotted on the child custody papers.

"[The ex-husband] confronted Gloria about the text message, and Gloria stated they were going to follow the custody paper, demanding their daughter," the affidavit stated.

According to the affidavit, after the couple told the girl to get her belongings, Glover started screaming and cursing at the victim about the problems they had been having with each other via text messages. Then Glover allegedly told the victim she was going to attack her physically.

At that point, Glover's ex-husband started closing the door and telling Glover she was no longer welcome, the affidavit stated.

The victim and her husband both said Glover put her arm and leg inside the door in order to keep it open, the affidavit stated. Glover allegedly kept on cursing and threatening her ex-husband's wife as she tried to push the door open to get into the house.

After the man was able to physically push Glover out the front door, he closed and locked it, the affidavit stated.

Once the door was closed, Glover started kicking and beating on the door, the affidavit stated. Her actions allegedly caused the wood on the inside of the house to crack and become separated from the wall. Glover also allegedly left dents in the home's door.

When Glover couldn't get into the house, she kept on screaming at the victim through the windows and invited her to come outside, so they could fight, the affidavit stated.

After Glover called a friend to come to the house, the couple called the police for assistance, the affidavit stated. The authorities arrived at the same time as Glover's friend.

"[Glover's ex-husband] stated he believed of Gloria had been able to open the door and gain entry into the home other than half of her body, he does not know what she would have done and fears that [his wife] might have been harmed," the affidavit stated.

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