Livingston military banners help to celebrate Independence Day

Livingston military banners help to celebrate Independence Day

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - The City of Livingston celebrated Independence Day today with their annual picnic in the park. But, the city carries a patriotic atmosphere year-round with banners of loved ones in the military.

Bea and Dan Ellis brought the idea for honorary, military banners back from their time spent outside of Livingston.

"We were on vacation up in the Lake Tahoe area a few years ago and went through a small town that had similar banners," said Bea Ellis. "And, we looked at each other and went 'wow'."

According to the couple, local people were eager to supply names and pictures.

"We now have about 75 banners hanging," said Bea Ellis. "And, it's an on going project. We'd love to have another hundred."

For some, the banners are a reminder of a specific loved one. Lenore Shucan sees her father's face every time she drives down Church Street.

"It was just a way of honoring his name and what he did," said Shucan. "It's just an amazing thing. And, our kids and their kids get to see it.">

The youth of Livingston are all for their cities display of patriotism.

"That's amazing," said Kendall. "I mean you're supporting our troops. Like, because I have a lot of family in that's in the military, so it's good that you're supporting them. Like, sending your love."

According to Dan Ellis, other cities are adding military banners to their streets.

"We had a lady that was going to a cruise in Galveston from Louisiana," said Ellis. "And, she passed through and saw them. And, we've helped them start a program over in Louisiana."

Livingston also sends their love directly to soldiers with a care package project, called Families and Individuals Thanking Heroes.

"It started off as a support group for families that turned into a care package project for the military personnel from our area."

The F.A.I.T.H. care package project consists of local families that send care packages to 100 soldiers, every month. To date, that have sent over 15,000 care packages.

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