East Texas Officials Head To Florida For Shuttle Launch

After two and a half years, the space shuttle program is set to get back on track.

Crews and technicians are making final preparations for the space shuttle Discovery's trip into space. Among those who will be in Florida for the historic event are several East Texas dignitaries.

Those dignitaries included the mayors of Lufkin, Nacogdoches, and San Augustine.

Lufkin city secretary Rene Thompson, who was the director of the Lufkin Civic Center during the shuttle tragedy will also be attending.

"They have several activities and functions including a tour of NASA, going through some of the in depth areas that you normally wouldn't be able to go through, and obviously that's to honor the East Texas communities for all the work they did during the Columbia disaster." says Lufkin City Manager Paul Parker

Besides witnessing a historic event like a shuttle launch, he says it will also be a chance for those attending to renew old friendships with NASA personnel.