Panther of the Past Speaks in Lufkin

Nearly 70-years ago, Annon Card was a key member of the 1936 Lufkin High School football team.

That 1936 team was called the "Miracle Men". Ironically, this team was the first coached by Abe Martin, the man in which Lufkin's stadium is named after.

Card apoke the Angelina County Historical Commission about the early days of panther pride.

He reflected on the rivalries his team "The Miracle Men" experienced and how the team worked together.

Once Card graduated from Lufkin High School in 1937, he later joined the Navy.

Throughout his entire life, his travels around the world, and even during retirement, Card is full of panther pride.

Card said "I'm still a Panther fan. I go to all the football games locally and listen to the ones out of town on the radio. Maybe one of these days they will have us on tv."

Card established the Lufkin High School Alumni Association 20-years ago.