Authorities Have Identified Man Found Dead In A Pickup

Guadalupe "Wally" Acosta was supposed to go to work on Saturday. When he didn't show up, right away his boss went to the sheriff's office.

He was worried because Acosta had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - a condition that affects many Vietnam veterans.

"He had a pattern," said Gene Harviel of Harviel, Inc. "He always called me. He was always early. In the two-year period he worked for me, he was never a minute late. If he needed to go somewhere, he immediately called me either at home or [at work]."

Wally's co-workers say he'll be missed. They call him a veterans advocate and the backbone of their firm.

"Wally was an advocate for Social Security. He worked on people's cases that couldn't get approved through the Social Security Administration."

Acosta was also a diabetic with a bad heart. He may have had a heart attack the night he died.

Lufkin police lieutenant Greg Denman said, "Anyone that does have a history of health problems - if they are [going to] go out or go off some place - [should notify] somebody of what your intentions are, how long you think you'll be, [and] what your route's going to be."

Authorities found 56-year-old Acosta Monday night after someone reported seeing a suspicious vehicle parked at the expo center all day. Police suspect he'd been sitting in his truck all weekend.