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Gift of Love: Jarius

Jarius wants a forever family Jarius wants a forever family
Jarius has a great personality Jarius has a great personality
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10-year-old Jarius says he would love to be in the television news business some day. He had a great time going behind the scenes at our studio. Jarius enjoyed meeting Jessica Faith and trying out the weather wall.

This 5th grader loves school, saying social studies and geometry are his favorite subjects. He also likes to be outside.

"To play basketball, to play video games and I guess work in my room. What do you work on? Math and stuff," Jarius said.

He also loves to follow LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. As for his future, Jarius already has his sights set on college.

"Texas University," Jarius said.

Sirius has high goals for his future. Sirius wants to one day work in the FBI or be a spy. He is very interested in working in the IT field and likes anything with computers. Jarius says he is also interested in being a journalist, basketball player or DJ when he grows up.

When it comes to a forever family, Jarius hopes to have an active family.

"Play outside, go on outings and do stuff with people. Last week I went to go see Wonder Woman," Jarius said.

Jarius says he loves all kinds of movies. He also likes to see the Fast and Furious Movies.

Back to his family, he also has a special request!

"And a person that is mostly famous person in the family like a basketball player or something," Jarius said.

I mean who doesn't want a famous family! But in all honesty, Jarius really wants a family that can be in his cheering section and help him navigate the rest of his childhood.

"Watching me play basketball and coming to my games and let me have parties where I can do my DJ stuff," Jarius said.

At the end of the day, for Jarius, it's all about being with family.

"Just spend time together," Jarius said.>

A family that will spend time lifting up Jarius, supporting him in his journey to adulthood and, most importantly, showing him the Gift of Love.

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