Board President Responds To District Review

The long awaited performance review on the Nacogdoches school district has now been released by the Legislative Budget Board. Included are more than 230 pages of evaluations and recommendations for improvement.

The recommendations cover ten different areas. Twenty significant findings are listed including NISD inappropriately using bond and debt service funds for operating expenditures and extending a transportation contract in violation of state 'procurement' laws.

Superintendent Dr. Tony Riehl was forced by the board to agree to having the review. He is unavailable for comment. The Board President, Phil Mahar 'wanted' the report. His goal now is to evaluate the recommendations, make improvements and move forward. "I think the public expects us to be good stewards of their funds and their children. And the best way to handle that is to get the facts right, get the issues and problems and deal with them," said Mahar.

The public can view the report at the Nacogdoches Public Library or at the NISD Administration building. The board will begin discussing action plans at the July 21st board meeting.