Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 07/12/117

Casa Morales II at 4515 Highway 59 North: 15 demerits for fountain drink nozzles needed to be cleaned, ice scoop not stored clean, light shield in bar area at corner table needed to be repaired or replaced, general clean of lobby walls needed, food manager not on site, food handler certifications not up to date, cold hold at wrong temperature, damaged ceiling tiles above fryers needed to be repaired, food in walk-in cooler not labeled, and general clean of floors under dish washer and counter needed.

Church's Chicken at 101 S. Timberland Drive: 13 demerits for paper towels needed at all hand sinks, loose floor needed to be secured or repaired, thermometers needed in all coolers, hot water needed at women's restroom sink, fountain drink nozzles needed to be cleaned, and toxic items needed to be stored separately from single-service items,

Shipley Donuts at 609 S. Timberland Drive: 6 demerits for chemicals stored below food, pest control measures needed to be increased, scoops not stored handles up, weatherproofing at rear exit needed to be improved, all spray bottles not labeled, ice machine and ice dispenser needed to be cleaned because there was brown/black slime in ice bin.

Manhattan Fine Dining at 107 W. Lufkin: 5 demerits for leak at three-compartment sink needed to be repaired, pest control needed to be increased, and cold hold at wrong temperature.

Sleep Inn Mainstay at 2409 N. Timberland Drive: 3 demerits for single-service items stored on floor and paper towels needed at all hand sinks.