Dozens of educators headed to Austin to rally public education topics

Dozens of educators headed to Austin to rally public education topics
(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)

WODEN, TX (KTRE) - Dozens of teachers are headed to Austin next week to rally for public education along the same time as legislators travel back to the capitol for the special session called by Governor Greg Abbott.

The 20-item agenda includes several items affecting public education that have East Texas teachers concerned.

Teresa Milliard who has been teaching for 13 years plans to join the rally.

"Oh I would love a $1,000 dollar a year raise. It would be great. It would help cover the expenses I spend on my own for my classroom," Millard said.

The $1,000 Milliard is referring to is the pay raise that could affect teachers across the state.

Millard said while educators deserve a raise, her concern is the state is not funding the raise. While the legislation is going to be worked on during special session next week, one speculation is the funding may come from school districts to pull money from their current budget.

"I think that there's other programs that are going to have to be cut because most schools are underfunded already," Millard said. "Now the government is mandating them to spend this extra money that they don't have."

In just five days, state legislators are returning to Austin to discuss special session items.
Legislators will have to find a way to address the concerns from these educators, including John Donihoo, a middle school teacher.

"This is a critical time for those with a career in education," Donihoo said. "It's time for us to take a stand and make our voice heard and be seen and for our legislators to know that teachers are voters also."

Milliard hopes that a positive outcome from the special session will result in benefiting the teacher's best interest.

"State needs to find a way, and I know it's not an easy task, but find a way to fix school finances," Milliard said.

Representative Travis Clardy will author legislation that increases teacher pay.

The rally will be held on Monday.

Special session will begin on Tuesday.

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