Too many animals, not enough funds concerns shelter in Livingston

Too many animals, not enough funds concerns shelter in Livingston
Photo: KTRE Staff
Photo: KTRE Staff
Photo:KTRE Staff
Photo:KTRE Staff

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas animal shelter is in desperate need for help as their facility is over-flowing with cats and dogs.

People with the volunteer-run shelter said they are barely scraping by on very little money, and as a result, they have to turn people away.

"The phones are ringing, the dogs are barking, and you're trying to input financial numbers information, I've got to learn to just tune it out," said Paulette Frenyea, director of finances with the SPCA of Polk County.

In a space meant for administrative work and greeting new families looking to adopt, Frenyea said tuning it out takes practice, especially when her office is full of animals.

"Our biggest concern right now is the number of animal we have at the facility and funds to just continue operating," Frenyea said.

In the meantime, the animal shelter is temporarily housing cats and dogs where they can, such as the office or in foster homes.

But the facility said they are struggling to maintain the needs of animals.

Currently, the shelter has at least 230 animals, but it's designed for half the amount. They said the influx is from spike of strays and owner surrenders last month.

"What happened in June was we had probably two or three times the normal amount of dumping," said Carl Feren, executive director of SPCA of Polk County. "The level of contributions are down one-third from what they normally are, and our bills were up by 25 to 30 percent over what they normally are."

On any given month, Feren said their bills are close to $14,000, but last month their bills added up more than $17,000.

The facility said they are the only hope for dogs and cats in the area with no other shelter in the county for the public to turn toward

"Our biggest concern is finding homes for these fur babies for someone to just love them," said Kelsey Guntar, a volunteer.

The shelter said the are exploring options to have some of the animals adopted or transported to other shelters across the state or even across the country.

They have generated $4,000 dollars in donation this week but are still short $2,000 to make payments.

Details on how to make a donation, adopt or offer support are on the link at SPCA of Polk County. 

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