Friends And Family Said Goodbye To Mayor Tinsley

The sound of a siren echoed through Huntington Wednesday, to honor Mayor Lamar Tinsley. It was almost as loud as the message heard around town after his death.

Betsy Gregson, city secretary, "He's everything that you would expect; he was a very honest and humble man. I admired and respected him and he had a lot of respect for everybody, not just me. Everyone respected Lamar and admired him. He loved his community and he loved his people."

Friends and family have a hard time dealing with Mayor Tinsley's death, but they're comforted knowing that he's now with his daughter, his mother, and father."

Ashley Blake, Tinsley's oldest granddaughter, said, "I'm just [going to] miss the good times. He loved having his family around, he loved having us participate in the homecoming parades; being a part of the community, and I'm [going to] miss that because it gave him so much joy when we got so much back from that."

Mayor Tinsley was a diabetic. His condition led to a blood infection which damaged several organs. He died Sunday night in a local hospital. Mayor Tinsley was 73 years old.

Mayor Tinsley became Huntington's mayor in 1996. He graduated from Huntington High School and married his high school sweetheart. They were married for 55 years.