Mayor Expresses Disappointment In Shuttle Launch Delay

At the NASA facilities Wednesday, hoping to view the launch of shuttle Discovery, were mayor Louis Bronaugh of Lufkin and mayor Bob Dunn of Nacogdoches.

The two were special guests of NASA. It was the agency's way of saying "thanks" for their city's help during the Columbia recovery effort.

We caught up with Mayor Bronaugh on the road between Cape Canaveral and Orlando to get his thoughts on the events.

"It truly was an honor, we had a three day high of tours of the facility, NASA's operation here in Florida, and it's a great event. It's quite a letdown, everyone else, all the staff of NASA are just as let down as we are today."

Mayor Bronaugh told us that they actually got to view the shuttle on the pad at about 100 yards away. They were hoping to be back in East Texas around midnight Wednesday.