Lufkin house used in realty scam

Lufkin house used in realty scam

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A three bedroom house in Lufkin has recently been the subject of a scammer, claiming to be renting out the house. The person posted an advertisement on the Facebook group called Deep East Texas Classifieds, asking for a down payment of $600 and first month's rent of an additional $600.

However, the actual listing agent for the property, Glenda Petty, said that this is completely wrong.

"This is so tragic so unnecessary," said Petty. "Number one, the house is listed with a real estate agency. So, it's not for rent, it's for sale. Also, the house is even under contract right now."

Petty said that she had even received phone calls asking about the hoax because of the real estate yard sign. A sign that didn't even phase the scammer.

"They were told to disregard that sign in the yard," said Petty. "That that was something hold, had not been removed. So, the scammers had an answer for that."

She also stated that there's an easy way to determine if a house or any other deal is a trick.

"Check them out," said Petty. "Do not ever send money of someone you did not know or did not actually solicit."

The best way to make a good decision is to have the most accurate data available.

"And, especially for sell by owner, things like that, you just really need to check with a realtor and they will have the current, accurate data," said Petty.

The scammers did not have access to the house, but they did have accurate pictures of the property taken from accredited reality websites.

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