Ellen Trout Zoo adds paddle boats to lake

Ellen Trout Zoo adds paddle boats to lake

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Paddle boats are currently available to use at the lake across from the Ellen Trout Zoo.

The attraction was unveiled on July the 4th.

Participants have to be able to wear the standard sized life vest. Tickets for the paddle boats are $5 per person and can be purchased at the tickets window, by the train.

And, for those a little uneasy about alligators in the lake, Zoo Vet, Mike Nance, explained why there's have no reason to worry.

"The main thing that comes up are the alligators," said Nance. "Well, quite frankly they're not going bother anybody. Alligators have lived here longer than you and I have, this is their home. They know how to protect themselves, they're wary. They may be curious from a distance, but they're not going to approach a large blue item."

According to Nance, those using the paddle boats should stay on the side of the lake closest to the zoo, in order to not disturb the wildlife habitats on the other side.

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