Abeldt's theft case brought to court

Abeldt's theft case brought to court

LUFKIN, TX (AP) - A Lufkin woman, accused of stealing hydrocodone pills from the pharmacy, where she worked, went to court today.

In May of last year, Chabrittnee Stanton, now 25, was charged with third-degree diversion of a controlled substance. The affidavit from 2016 stated that Stanton admitted to giving the pills to her boyfriend, so he could sell them on the streets.

Judge Inselman questioned Stanton on the amount of pills she stole from Abeldt's Gaslight Pharmacy and when she took them. There was then was confusion on the exact monetary value of the pills taken.

The prosecutor clarified that $24,000 worth of pills were stolen, and that the other $21,000 represented damages to the pharmacy.

Stanton's lawyer, Ryan Deaton, explained the next step for his client, after court adjourned.

"The victim in this case wants restitution to be paid," said Deaton. "And, so what's going to happen now, is the pre-sentence investigation is going to be done. We've adjourned, we're going to come back in about 45 days, where the court will asses her punishment."

The plea deal that's currently standing is that Stanton will not serve prison time, but, there is a disagreement as to how she will serve her community service.

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