Fast And Hard Rain Still Leaves The Ground Dry

Rain fell all Thursday morning around Lufkin, but just a couple hours later, the ground was once again dry. Experts know, it'll take a lot more than a day of rain to make up for weeks and weeks of dry weather.

Hudson volunteer firefighter Brian Smith said, "We need continuous rain; at least 24 hours of a nice, slow rain instead of the heavy rains that we get, which just runs off and doesn't stick around like it should."

It rained fast and hard in some areas - causing traffic accidents and leaving several streets flooded - but it still wasn't enough for the water to sink in and moisten the ground; that means outside burning is still not recommended.

"I've seen us not be able to pull into a field because there's an inch of water in the field, but the grass is tall and dead, and you can't even see the water, and it's burning right across the top of it."

Firefighters say a morning of rain is a good start, but it's not enough. If you need to do some outside burning, don't walk away from your fire. Whether the ground is wet or dry, all it takes is a second for the flames to quickly spread out of control.

Angelina County lifted its burn ban just last week, along with several other area counties.