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Jorvorskie Lane continues to give back to his hometown

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Jorvorskie Lane has never forgotten where he came from.

Despite making it to the bright lights of the National Football League, Lane has always been willing to give back to his hometown of Lufkin. Since becoming a free agent, the former panther running back has started the lane of Hope Foundation. He uses the foundation to help kids in the neighborhood he grew up in with his grandmother. Through various programs, Lane has wanted to inspire kids that have similar life stories.

"We are trying to meet them where they are at," Lane said. "That is our biggest goal. We don't want to step on any toes. We want to understand you as much as you want to understand us. We don't look at it as problems. We try to grow as one unit."

Lane's school supply giveaway on Tuesday at Jones Park was just the latest way he has given back.

"My grandma raised me on $29,000 a year," Lane said. " We had school supply problems. I just want to give them something new and basic to start the year off right."

Lane knows he has been given an ability that many don't get.

"I was able to succeed on the field and get to move onto Texas A&M and get an education and play football," Lane said. "I was able to go to the NFL and I have always wanted to give back. I had seen this all along because these kids need someone to look up to. I'm man enough to put it on my shoulders and give these kids hope."

Lane was able to get a sizable donation from the Lufkin Walmart for the event.

"We feel very special in the Lane of Hope right now," Lane said. "Walmart put a smile on our face bright as the summer's sun!!!! We just want to take the time out to send a very special thank you to Walmart of Lufkin. We appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts."

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