Texans lineman returns to the field after 3 year battle with cancer

Texans lineman returns to the field after 3 year battle with cancer

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. - In 2014, The Houston Texans placed David Quessenberry on the Non-Football Illness designation. It was unclear when Quessenberry would return.

He made that return Thursday, under a cloudy West Virginia sky.

"I feel great," Quessenberry said. "I feel really good. I feel like my technique is improving every day. It's motivating."

In June 2014, Quessenberry was diagnosed with with  non-Hodgkins T Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. after experiencing fatigue and persistent cough.

"Quess is an unbelievable story," Head Coach Bill O'Brien said. "He's playing well. That's a very competitive position when you sit back and think about it. He had a bad form of cancer and was out of the game for three years and had the mental toughness and capacity within himself to get back to where he is right now. I'm not sure you could find a story like that that I've ever heard of."

O'Brien knew he was tough but admitted his eyebrows raised up when Quessenberry started the drills.

"I was surprised of his strength," O'Brien said. "I think the true test for all lineman, not just him, is when the pads come on. I'm really surprised how fast he has been able to get his strength back."

Quessenberry made his way through workouts with the others and for him that is all he wanted to do.

"Going through it always, I worked on my technique," Quessenberry said. "If it wasn't working on it physically, it was mentally. I was around the guys. I was around the game. I was studying it. I learned a lot about the game because I took a step back. It is a different type of learning when you know you are not going out there."

He has also been welcomed back with open arms.

"We are kind of past the point where it is, 'Hey it is so amazing,'" Quessenberry said. "It is just little things like, 'It's good to see you 77' It is little things like that that mean a lot to me."

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