FBI Special Agent testifies in Diggles family trial

FBI Special Agent testifies in Diggles family trial

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Friday's court appearance by Walter Diggles, Rosie Diggles, and Anita Diggles marked the end of the first week of witness testimonials for the Diggles family trial.

The main witness for Friday's proceedings was FBI Special Agent David Goodson. He is one of the FBI agents that investigated the Diggles family, prior to the indictment.

The U.S. government presented multiple reimbursement packets from the Deep East Texas Foundation to the Deep East Texas Council of Governments, over the course of this morning's examination. One of the pages in the packet showed hourly rates for the "volunteers" at the 21st Century Learning Center, which ranged from $72 per hour to $110 per hour, for a period of eight hours in a four-day week.

Goodson testified that he had spoken to all the volunteers and none of them recalled making that much money per hour.

The U.S. government's attorneys also emphasized that Walter Diggles was signing off on the reimbursement requests on the foundations end, and then signing off on the check from DETCOG to the foundation.

These attorneys then presented copies of multiple checks from DETCOG to the foundation for conferences, health screens, and school supplies.

Goodson stated that he had investigated the financial activity of the foundation, following these deposits from DETCOG. Multiple copies from deposit slips showed that, only a few days after the foundation had deposited the DETCOG check, large amounts of money would be taken out of the foundation's account and placed into the account of the Lighthouse Church of God in Christ.

According to Goodson's investigation, the foundation held a conference in 2012, called the East Texas Fellowship Conference, at the church. Health screenings were held, so the foundation requested money to cover these and other expenses. Other costs on the reimbursement sheet included test strips, conference registration, and miscellaneous supplies. The supplies totaled $112.16 and was paid for directly out of pocket by the foundation. The rest of the costs were reimbursed by DETCOG, which equaled $12,746.16.

On that same reimbursement sheet, Fayes Home Health was listed as incurring $7,500 from the foundation. A check was written out to that entities name. But, documents from the First National Bank of Jasper show that Diggles endorsed the check and placed it in the church's accounts. It was also found out that Fayes Home Health is owned by Diggles' sister.

The U.S. government's attorney also brought up another reimbursement packet, labeled "2009 close-out of SSBG funding", where $244,570.34 was given to the foundation.

Bank documents showed that, on October 17 of that year, the money was deposited into the foundation's account. On October 26 of that same year, Diggles took $125,000 out of the foundation's account and placed it into the church's account. On February 12, 2010, Diggles took $50,000 out of the foundation's account and turned it into a certificate of deposit in the church's name. On February 14, 2011, Diggles used $25,000 of the $50,000 CD to purchase another CD for that amount. The other $25,000 was cashed out and placed in the church's account. In 2012, the remaining CD of $25,000 was also cashed out and placed in the church.

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