Missing Man Often Uses Aliases

Tommy Lee, Jr.
Tommy Lee, Jr.

"Tommy Lee was an extended family member," said Steve Goode. "He was a client, according to the state Department of Human Services, but he was actually a member of our family that lived here in our house with us."

Tommy Lee, Jr. lived with the Goode family for almost four years. He hasn't been seen since June 28th. Lee has a habit of wandering off - he's done it many times over the past 20 years.

Lee is on half a dozen medications for both mental and physical illnesses. When he's not taking them, he becomes more dangerous to himself.

"I do know that he has imagination of his earlier years in life - his friends that he hung around with, his companions that he hung around with - that's where he wants to live again; even though those companions no longer are living, they no longer meet there. There's no telling where he went."

Lt. Chris White said, "It's possible that he either continued walking north or south [on Highway 69] or he might've been picked up by a passer by that, in an attempt to help him one way or another, might've given him a ride."

Tommy Lee has family in Corsicana and may be headed there. Friday morning, authorities found out Lee often uses aliases. Over the years, he's been booked into jails and admitted into mental health facilities using fake names. Now, no one knows where he is or what name he might be using, making this missing persons case even more of a mystery.

If you've seen Tommy Lee, Jr., call the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office at (903) 683-2271.