Nacogdoches group paints it forward, hides painted rocks for community to find

Nacogdoches group paints it forward, hides painted rocks for community to find
(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)


It's the latest trend this summer and it has arrived in East Texas. A group of people formed Nacogdoches Texas Rock Hunt after seeing the idea in other towns where the community hunts for painted rocks. 

"It doesn't take long. It's a fun and easy way to get through the summer," said Jocelyn Spies, a student.

The group said more people are taking part in finding and hiding painted rocks.

"You're supposed to find a rock to keep a rock, then it gets replaced with one that you've painted," said Lisa Lalumandier, an area artist. "They take it and then they hide it in other places. I'd be interested to see where all the places it goes.

Once a rock is hidden, the group said people can post a picture on their Facebook Page which gives an opportunity for the community to find them.

"From the pictures that they've loaded so far we've seen all kinds of designs from peace signs to owls to what my three-year-olds done," said Melissa Spies, who is one of the organizers.
Spies, a mother of five, said it's one way to get kids active during the summer months.

"You get them off the couches, off from front of the TVs," Spies said. "They are actually having to move around, walk all over the place, I mean they've been hidden all over town."

Spies said the trend has replaced last summer's game Pokemon Go where hunting for painted rocks is an avenue to explore the neighborhood.

"There's lots to see in this town. Whether you're out hiding or whether you're out actively hunting, you'll get to see some of what the town offers than what you normally would just driving down in your car somewhere," Spies said.
The group said the game is for anyone young or old. In fact, on Monday several of the members are going to senior citizen home to give the residents an opportunity to paint rocks.
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