Neighbor Says Murder Suspect And Victim Were Friends

Fifty-three year-old Bezaaley Jackson of Groveton is on trial for murder. Authorities say he shot and killed 45-year-old Johnny Scurlock of Pennington during an argument at Jackson's home last February.

"They were just good people," said George Denman. "They never argued with each other until this came about. Neither one of them would really hurt a fly, but you know, if you push a person to a point, you can't really tell [what they might do]."

Friends of Jackson and Scurlock say both were good men. One neighbor says the two just had words that got out of hand.

"Things had kind of escalated from some personal reasons; I can't say what it was about or anything like that, it just escalated to that point."

About 60 people showed up for jury selection Monday morning in Groveton, that number was later reduced to 12. Tuesday morning, they'll hear opening statements in the murder trial for Bezaaley Jackson.

Johnny Scurlock died at the scene that night after being shot in the chest.