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Gift of Love: Deante

Deante is looling for the Gift of Love Deante is looling for the Gift of Love
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It was an adventure inside Hobby Town U.S.A. for 14-year-old Deante as he got to fly a drone and watch from the pilot's seat with special goggles. This 8th grader is a quiet, young man that takes his time getting to know those around him.

"Read or draw or write. Or write songs," Deante said.

His favorite type of songs to write are rap. Deante also likes a variety of activities including playing outside, camping, fishing and riding bikes.

"I also like writing books," Deante said.

Deante says he's written two books. One about Batman and another that was a Bible story. Deante enjoys quiet activities like putting puzzles together. He also loves animals and hopes to be able to have his own pet one day. Deante hopes to have a family that likes to go to amusement parks like Disney World and Six Flags.

"Ride the rides and whatever I can," Deante said.

Deante says he is open to a variety of family types like an adoptive family with only a mom or one with both a mom and dad.

"They are loyal and have your back," Deante said.

The ideal family for Deante will be patient in forming a bond with him and have the ability to give lots of one-on-one attention.

"So I can have a family to look after me and I can be apart of a family," Deante said.

Most importantly, Deante wants a family that can show him the Gift of Love.

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