Dozen goats killed by dogs on Goat Island in Lake Livingston

Dozen goats killed by dogs on Goat Island in Lake Livingston
Photo: David Stoll
Photo: David Stoll
Goat Island (Photo: KTRE)
Goat Island (Photo: KTRE)

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - More than a dozen goats, their presence on an island dating back three decades, were killed by dogs on the loose almost two weeks ago.

It happened on Goat Island, which is  located in Lake Livingston within Trinity County. Tradition dates back all those years to the Trinity River Authority leasing the island to a man, who has since passed away, and originally brought the goats there.

Trinity resident David Stoll and his family have very fond memories.

"I have grand kids. My wife and I, when we go out on the boat and go around the island, always see it as a blessing to see these goats on the edge of the water," Stoll said.

However, on July 29 the goats were no longer alive. The Texas Parks and Wildlife responded of the call on the animal.
During the investigation, Sheriff Woody Wallace said they were killed by seven dogs brought onto the island by a man camping overnight with them.

"Legally, no one owns the goats," Wallace said "When you look at state law you have to prove an animal to be livestock. This is the way the law is written. This is the interpretation of my county attorney and district attorney, that a livestock is being raised for human consumption."

The sheriff said currently the animals are not being raised for human consumption which poses a question are they livestock or feral goats.

"These are questions that are going to be answered and interpreted a little bit more, because the law is not really clear when you look at this to try to see did we have animal cruelty," Wallace said.

Wallace said this case may be presented to a grand jury to get that clarity in the interpretation of the law.

Additionally, the sheriff said new light has been shed on this case, as a key witness has come forward with new information. However as the investigation goes forward, very limited information has been released.

The sheriff said the man's name has not been released at this time, because he is not officially charged with a crime through his department.

As for Stoll, he said he'll cherish the time he spent admiring the goats.

"Those are my memories of it," Stoll said.

Trinity River Authority, who owns the island, have filed a criminal charge against the man for camping. Texas Parks and Wildlife have filed a charge against him for failure to control his animal, for leash law violation.

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