East Texan softball player signs with UT Austin

East Texan softball player signs with UT Austin

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Ki'Audra Hayter started playing softball at the age of five and can't really remember that far back. But, one memory later down the line has stuck with her.

"I had went and had an amazing experience and played at the Woman's College World Series stadium, so that was pretty neat," said Hayter. "And, I was like one day I want to be here, I want to be playing in this stadium."

Hayter's father recalled taking her to every single practice and seeing the skill that his daughter had, right off the bat.

"So, it doesn't matter if it's basketball, softball, she even wanted to play football," said Keith Hayter. "From an early age, all the way up until middle school, she's always been the most athletic girl at every school she's went to."

Hayter hit a speed bump when she signed to play with North Texas. She said it wasn't the right fit.

"Sometimes the working makes you want to quit, but you have to just push through it," said Hayter. "And, if you have the heart for the sport then you will push through it and that's what I've been doing. That's how I know this is really what I want to do."

Hayter went on the win the 2017 NJCAA Division one championship as a softball player for Butler Community College in Kansas.

"If there was ever a kid that could go and play D1 UT, it's Ki'Audra," said coach, Kim Cox. "She is absolutely the most athletic kid I've ever had the pleasure of coaching."

Hayter takes pride in where she's from.

"We have a lot of great players that's from East Texas, that's at big name schools," said Hayter. "So, don't count the little towns out. We're still here."

Hayter said that UT was her dream school because of one of those great players from East Texas, Damion James, who played Longhorn basketball.

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