Social media makes it easier to follow Lufkin All-Stars

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For the Thundering 13, the past two months have been dream-like. They remain undefeated as they head into their opening-round World Series matchup.

A photo from the team as they arrived at the birthplace of Little League baseball showed they had received orange uniforms.

The current leg of their journey began Saturday as the team loaded up on buses and headed to Houston.

From early reports, several team members were scared to fly. The names are being withheld so as not cause embarrassment. However, once they were on board, in-flight entertainment helped the nerves, according to one picture shared on social media.

The team is also going into the world-class event with plenty of support behind them.

When they beat Colorado in Waco, the team earned their support and even got a nice letter this week.

"We witnessed a Lufkin team, coaching staff, and fan base who carried themselves with a great deal of class and sportsmanship," according to a post shared on the Lufkin team's Facebook page. "I'm proud for Coach Maddux and the entire Lufkin community. Now, go win a world championship!!!"

The team has also won over Dez Bryant who took time away from practice to post about the team on Instagram, as the team prepared for the regional championship.

"I'm proud of these little guys..let's make it happen tonight..#littleleagueworldseries." Bryant said in the post.

And major leaguer Brandon Belt is also rooting on the guys..

"Congrats to Lufkin Little League on making it to Williamsport! Its been awesome watching you guys so far," Belt tweeted.

Then there was this from Baseball legend Pete Rose on social media: "Here you go Texas East. This is what you've played for. You got to go get them tonight. You're the best team, but you go to play like it. Go get them. Go go go. Win win win."

Back to the players, the unfamiliar mountains of Pennsylvania are becoming home.

In the words of a Facebook status infielder Mark Requena's mother posted on Sunday, "Mom it's freaking amazing here."

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