Lufkin All-Stars spend day practicing, picnicing, parading

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) - The Lufkin All Stars are getting use to their new orange and yellow uniforms and they are also spreading some East Texas hospitality.

"It's been amazing so far," Charlie Deaton said. "It's so cool. They have been so nice to us."

"We've met a bunch of people from different teams that speak different languages," said Clayton Wigley.

The team spent morning hard at practice. Then, in the evening getting some good burgers and then a special message from Hall of Famer Eddie Murray

"You guys that are traveling together have been doing this your whole life so enjoy this time and go out there and have fun," Murray said.

Then came the main event: The Grand Slam parade.

The parade is a yearly event put on by the community that is the birthplace of Little League Baseball.

All of Lycoming County comes out but there are also fans

They could be called the Thunderng 13's biggest fans with the youngest missing the start of school.

"Please forgive me Brandon Elementary," said Matt Slayton.

And while they admired the colorful uniforms of the other regions, there was only one team they wanted to see.

The mommies and daddies loved it but what about the players?

"It's been amazinjg to see all these people that aren't from Lufkin," said Christian Mumphery

"It's been a plan come true," said Assistant Coach Malcolm Deason. "All of our kids are getting to experience something fun and amazing. It's unbelievable.">

And with the excitement over, the team knows Thursday is game day.

"The fun is about to end tomorrow," Deason said. "It is time to get to business."

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