Dog survives terrible injury; ready to be adopted

Dog survives terrible injury; ready to be adopted

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Bones, a two year old lab mix, was found, abandoned with a severe leg injury, has healed up and is searching for his forever home.

You'd be hard pressed to find a more cuddle-loving dog than Bones. It hasn't always been hugs and happiness, though. Bones was found as a stray, but the thing that caught animal patrol's attention was his terrible, leg injury. Aaron Ramsey, with the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter, recounted the call that brought Bones in.

"When the dog was picked up and just the traumatic injury the dog had, the dog was just in great spirits, just happy go lucky," said Ramsey. "Looking at the injury, we new it was really bad. And, so we just felt, the whole staff at the shelter, just felt a big need to help this dog."

Bones was immediately taken to the Angelina Animal Hospital. It's been six weeks, and, according to Shannon Barbutes with the hospital, his health has finally caught up to his positive outlook.

"He was very thin, and we got some weight on him," said Barbutes. "And, we took care of his leg. Doing real well with just three legs. He's fast. He still loves to run."

He might be shy at first, but it'll only take him a moment to warm right up.

"I think he'd do best as a single pet," said Barbutes. "He's very energetic, he likes to play. He loves to be loved on. He's just a sweet boy."

Bones' life is looking pretty positive, but things could have much worse if he hadn't gotten help.

"Thanks to some great volunteers and just some great people in the community who donate to a vetting fund that we have, that allows us to help some of these animals," said Ramsey. "That's how we were able to treat this animal."

To help animals in need, like Bones, you can donate to the vet fund by writing a check or giving money to the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter.