LLWS protecting spectators' eyes during Monday's eclipse

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) - The Little League World Series will feature games during the peak time of Monday's solar eclipse.

The League has posted a notice at the security check warning visitors to not look at the sun from early afternoon to early evening times.

"Even though it may be dark, your eyes can be severely damaged by viewing a solar eclipse without specialized eyewear," the notice stated. "Sunglasses will NOT protect you from eye damage during a solar eclipse."

The notice states the peak eclipse time will be at 2:40 p.m. EDT.

To help visitors, the League is providing free eclipse-safe glasses compliments of Visionworks and Transitions Adaptive Eyewear.

The moon is expected to cover 74 percent of the sun.

There is no chance for Lufkin All-Stars to be playing during the eclipse hours. The only chance Lufkin has at even playing Monday is if they lose Sunday. If the team loses Sunday, they will play at 8 p.m. EDT against the winner of the Northwest (Washington) and Midwest (South Dakota).

Instead, there will be an international elimination game at 1 p.m. EDT and an American elimination game at 3 p.m. EDT.

If Lufkin wins Sunday, they will play again on Wednesday.

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