Thursday's power hitter looking to show off arm Sunday in LLWS

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) - Thursday night the Lufkin All-Stars put the world on notice and an unlikely player showed up in a big way, with Collin Ross.

"I feel like I got my swing back," Ross said. "When I hit my first home run I was thinking, 'All right I got my home run now I need base hits' and the next one was a line drive and it happened to go over."

The team will need his bat against a tough Connecticut team and they will also need his arm.

"He's on the mound for 85 pitches if that is what it is going to take," Manager Bud Maddux said.

The Hudson 12-year-old was quiet all summer for the team after he said his arm was overused in spring ball.

"My elbow was shifting apart so I had to rest for a month and it was hard not throwing," Ross said.

In regionals they cut him loose but his swing was also lagging.

"The day we came home from regionals, Coach Malcolm helped me on my hitting and we got my strides shorter and after that I started hitting the ball," Ross said.

Now the team is hoping they found their next dual threat.

"Everything he is hitting is going right up the middle and right on so I hope it carries on," Maddux said.

Lufkin will play the New England Regional Champions from Fairfield, Conn., on Sunday at 10 a.m. CDT.

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