LLWS continues under partial sun

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) - Baseball is always on the mind of people in Williamsport. But when there is an eclipse of the sun, it is hard to keep your eyes on the action.

"You get to check out the eclipse with 30,000 friends," said Kevin Dohtrey of Sayre, Pa.

"It's starting to shade up but it is really cool," said Emily Kim of Williamsport.

"I see the moon over the sun you don't think the moon wouldn't be there but it is," said Michael Cinquatia of Rhode Island.

"One of the reasons I came up to fill up the drinks was so I could see the eclipse," Dohtrey said. "I have never seen one before and I was pretty excited about it."

An eclipse didn't stop the game, as Mexico and South Korea continued playing as the sky grew darker.

For 70 years the Little League World Series has provided memorable moments and events but nothing might top this one.

"Everything out here, from the activities to the solar eclipse to the Little League Classic, we want to make sure everybody gets to experience every little detail at the world series, said Kevin Fountain, the media relations director of LLWS.

For weeks we have all heard the warnings and so did Little League. The league partnered with Vision Works and provided 30,000 eclipse-viewing glasses and aided the players and umpires as well.

For fans like young Lilyana Sponhouse of Williamsport, the free eyewear provided her a chance to be part of history.

"We were actually going to go out and buy glasses so it is nice that Little League got them for free," Sponhouse said.

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