Lufkin All-Stars find success with superstitions

Source: Mike Ditsworth
Source: Mike Ditsworth

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) - Most of the Lufkin All-Stars don't believe in superstitions. Until they start working.

Many of the players started trying out superstitions when all-star play began. And a funny thing happened: they started winning.

In fact, this Lufkin Little League team hasn't lost a single game this year, up to and including the first two games of the Little League World Series.

"Before every game, before the first pitch, I give my glove a little kiss," Charlie Deaton said.

But why?

"I've been doing it for a while and it's been working," Deaton said. "We haven't lost yet."

"I play with money in my pocket," said Blake Slaga. "During regionals I kept 50 cents in my pocket and I started playing better."

Slaga said he keeps a half-dollar for the LLWS.

Superstitious might not be the right word, but Mark Requena does have a ritual. The first baseman keeps a cross in his pocket.

"It's God," Requena said. "He's with me. He's always with me."

Ace pitcher Hunter Ditsworth may be the strangest creature when it comes to superstitions. First of all, he refuses to wash his hat.

"I keep it dirty because I think it's luck," Ditsworth said. "Coach Bud's been talking about superstitions and ever since then we've been winning."

Ditsworth also said he carries his glove everywhere he goes.

"I don't know," he said. "She's just a part of me and I really love her."


"Her name is Bree. It's my girlfriend's middle name."

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