Game 2 hero Mumphery: 'I had to get my team up'

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) - If you were to put a name with the word "determination," it might be 13 year old Christian Mumphery.

In their second game, the Lufkin Middle Schooler came up with two big homers, leading the team to a 6-3 victory.

"I had to get my team up," Mumphery said. "We were down 3-1. Chip got on first and I said I got to get them pumped up and it got over."

"This young man right here really stepped up," Maddux said. "He's a good baseball player. He struggled a little bit lately but today he came out swinging the bat."

For Mumphery, the moment was overdue. He had not hit a home run since sectionals.

"In the cages I felt one coming," Mumphery said. "I was hitting good in the cages so it kind of led up to one thing after another."

In the stands was his mother, Shata Specks, and his uncle who made the drive for the weekend from Michigan.

"She comes to all my games," Mumphery said. "She has seen the good and the bad but it was really special."

Having her baby boy featured on ESPN in front of the world is still overwhelming.

"It is just something they will never forget and they are meeting people from all over the world and they are getting so much recognition and they are giving kids autographs or want pictures with them so it is just a positive experience all the way around," Specks said.

Mumphery is taking it all in but also getting back to work, ready to bring more inspiration to his 12 teammates.

Mumphery said he has been able to get his first home run ball back from the fans but he is still missing the second one. He is hoping to get it before the team comes home.

Mumphery and the All-Stars play their next game Wednesday night against North Carolina at 6:30 Central.

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