Weather Balloon Could Bring Reward

If you live in northeast Nacogdoches County you may be lucky enough to find a a box that fell from the sky Wednesday afternoon. The box is actually the payload from a weather balloon launched by scientists from the SFA observatory.

Researchers from Valparaiso University in Indiana and from Houston's Rice University are collaborating with SFA faculty. The predicted landing location is Cushing.

The instruments included with the balloon help researchers understand the transport of ozone pollution to East Texas from remote locations like Houston. Dr. Gary Morris explained, "Houston is an area habitually out of compliance in fact they had the worse air quality in the country. An area like Nacogdoches that's downwind from Houston could end up being out of compliance for no fault of their own."

If you find the payload follow the directions for getting it back to scientists. The finder collects a $30 award. Another balloon launch is scheduled for July 29th.

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