All-time hits leader loves Ditsworth, Lufkin All-Stars

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) - The record-holder for career base hits in the major leagues has released a video giving support for the Lufkin Little League All-Stars.

Pete Rose works with Matt Thrash, who used to live in Lufkin.

In a Tuesday afternoon phone interview, Rose said he especially likes Hunter Ditsworth.

"Everybody likes Ditsworth," Rose said. "Every time he goes out there he dominates. But he can hit too. I normally don't like pitchers but I like pitchers who can hit."

Rose said he places an importance on winning.

"You play for one reason and that reason is to win," Rose said. "That's what you have to teach the youth. Don't be a sore loser, but play to win. Everyone's in a better mood when you win. If you lose tomorrow, win the next game. Don't worry about what just happened. You can't control that. Just worry about the next game because then you're in control, you're in command."

Rose said he will be watching Wednesday night's game.

"I work during the day so I'll be watching them [Wednesday] night," Rose said. "I'll be rooting for them. Tell the guys good luck and have a good time."

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