Cattle dog, blue heeler puppy wants to be your running buddy

Cattle dog, blue heeler puppy wants to be your running buddy

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Prissy is a beautiful combination of a cattle dog and a blue healer, which makes her perfect for all your outdoor activities. You can find her at the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter, playing around with Andrea Schroeder.

"She'd be a great farm dog or a good dog for anyone with an active lifestyle," said Schroeder. "Probably would do better not in an apartment because she likes room to run and really burn off some exercise."

She might seem like your normal, playful dog, but she's got a little secret.

"She's got a cute little nubby tail, and she loves to race around and play chase," said Schroeder. "She's good with other dogs. We tested her this morning, and she ran and played with them and really was very sociable and enjoyed being out and having a friend around."

This particular pup also doesn't have a problem with your feline friends.

"She does like to chase cats, but she's not aggressive towards them, so maybe a home cat or two in the house would be fun for her to play with," said Schroeder.

Even though she's still a puppy, Prissy showed promise as a quick learner.

"In general, younger dogs like this, being six months old, she could kind of adapt to just about any situation," said Schroeder. "A kid or two probably wouldn't be a big deal for her. She'd probably want to run and play with them, as well."

Prissy has had multiple vaccines already, and has been found heart worm negative. She is also old enough to be spayed.

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