Nacogdoches ISD Convocation lifts morale

Nacogdoches ISD Convocation lifts morale
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

Nacogdoches - A funny motivational speaker with a serious message set the tone at Nacogdoches ISD's 2017 convocation.
One teacher said she hadn't laughed so hard all year long. The comic relief, following a treacherous school year, is exactly what motivational speaker Tim Clue provided.

"In five seconds if that stapler is not back on my desk, school is canceled for the year," said Clue as he portrayed an angry teacher. Clue told the story while standing on a chair before hundreds of teachers.

Teachers say humorous classroom anecdotes are what they needed.

Monica Simpson, an elementary school counselor said, "I'm very excited and pumped up. A great experience."

The talk worked, but it doesn't match the ultimate motivation. Nacogdoches ISD has been removed from Improvement Required status by the State of Texas.

"We brought one campus out. We made improvement across the district," said Nacogdoches ISD Superintendent Sandra Dowdy. "We earned distinctions, so the teachers are truly pumped to get back to class."

The Fredonia and Carpenter Elementary campuses remain in IR status.

Clue provided this somber reality check.
"[Researchers] do brain studies," Clue said. "They take images of children's brain, and do you know when a child is under duress they actually look, the pattern of semantic behavior, looks similar to a stroke victim?"

Teachers are told post traumatic stress among children prohibit classroom learning.  Hundreds of teachers say they're motivated to overcome the challenges.

Thursday's convocation was held at The Fredonia Hotel's newly opened conference center. The setting, along with door prizes, lifted spirits before teachers head back to the classroom. The first day of class is Monday.

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