Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 08/24/17

La Michoacana (Deli) at 416 Atkinson Drive: 16 demerits for misuse of hand sink, single-service items stored on floor, hand sink blocked, faucet leak at three-compartment sink needed to be repaired, hot hold at wrong temperature, stainless steel storage shelves needed to be cleaned, cold hold at wrong temperature, food not stored clean wrapper or container, damaged food containers needed to be removed/replaced, handles needed for all scoops, food stored in standing water, and food handler certifications not up to date.

Jack-in-the-Box at 1902 E. Denman Avenue: 9 demerits for damaged ceiling tiles needed to be repaired, personal drinks stored in food prep area, general clean of microwaves needed, protective coverings/lids not used with stacked food containers, and floor drain near griddle needed to be cleaned.

Little Gal's at 188 Highway 147 North, Zavalla: 6 demerits for raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods and sanitizer solution needed to be decreased.

Eagle's Nest at 502 E. Main, Zavalla: 5 demerits for general clean of ceiling vent above three-compartment sink needed, damaged or missing coving near three-compartment sink needed to be repaired, and cold hold at wrong temperature.