Lufkin All-Star grandpa delivers on promise, dyes hair orange

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) - Orange seems to be taking over Williamsport in every way possible.

During a Facebook Live with KTRE, Hunter  DItsworth's grandfather, David Ditsworth, said if the team made it to the US championship then he would dye his hair orange.

Friday, he paid up.

The whole family stopped into Elite Salon in Williamsport and watched as his gray turned to orange.

Hunter Ditsworth himself was even there for the occasion.

"If they get this far then we need to show all the support that we can and this is the only way to show respect for the team and honor the team for a quest of a dream come true," David Ditsworth said. "They have fulfilled the dream I have always dreamed about."

The Salon is becoming a spot for teams to go to. Several years ago, the manager for the Pearland All Stars stopped by to have his hair dyed in the World Series.

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