Thundering 13 delivers message for those in Harvey's path

WILLIAMSPORT, PA (KTRE) - On the eve of their biggest game to date, the Lufkin Little League All-Stars has delivered a message to those in Texas who could potentially be affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The team posted a joint statement in a Facebook video and released it Friday night.

"As we get ready to play for the US title, our hearts are with all of you back home preparing for the hurricane. We're praying for safety for all fellow Texans being affected by the storms. And for all our friends and family in Lufkin, get those generators ready so your televisions will work. Yeah, because we need you to rally with us as we battle on behalf of the Southwest Region tomorrow. We can't thank you enough for all the support. We'll give it all we got tomorrow and we'll do our best to make you proud."

Little League announced Saturday morning that the teams from Lufkin and Mexico would be flown back to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport on Monday. The original plan was for both to be flown to Houston.

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