Lufkin experiences Harvey with shortage of gas, road closures

Lufkin experiences Harvey with shortage of gas, road closures

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Hurricane Harvey made landfall early this morning in Texas, but you wouldn't know it judging on the weather in areas of East Texas. Still, some are taking precautions.

Multiple gas stations have had to turn customers away at the pump due to an increase in demand from people preparing for the storm and others trying to escape it.

Houston was expected to receive high levels of rain and wind from the tropical storm, which led many to leave the city. Since US Highway 59 is a straight shot to and from that city, an increase in traffic has been seen on the northbound lane, coming into Lufkin.

The Texas Department of Transportation made a decision Friday that would hopefully make driving on that highway easier.

"Farm road 819, which we know as College Drive, we actually just closed that entry on to 59 on both sides of the highway," said Rhonda Oaks with Tx Dot. "Farm road is open for traffic, but you can't get onto 59."

Flashing, yellow lights replaced the traffic lights regular circulation on the 59 side.

Oaks expressed she and her staff are ready to take whatever Harvey throws at them.

"We're sitting on go, here in Lufkin," said Oaks. "When we start seeing the 'ponding' and the flooding on our roadways and through our district, we will move out we will set up barricades. We will work our best to clear debris from the roadways and keep it open."

Oaks is adamant, though, the safest place, as conditions worsen, is off the road.

"Stay off the road," said Oaks. "When we see flooding in this area we really push turn around don't drown."

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