East Texas business prepare for more rain week ahead, ready with resources

East Texas business prepare for more rain week ahead, ready with resources
Photo: KTRE
Photo: KTRE

As East Texans prepare for more rain, businesses are ready with more resources. Seeing a shortage in gasoline, a few days ago, several gas stations are fueling up.

Assistant manager at the Murphy USA off of First Street said they are prepared for the week ahead-- indicating no supply problems.

Meanwhile hotels in Lufkin also report availability of rooms for evacuees, including these evacuees from the Houston area. 

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "We've been getting a lot of calls and walk in. We're trying to keep it easy on them because they're already going through a hard time. You gotta take it easy and friendly and be accommodating," said Amanda Guillen, with Texas Inn & Suites.

One evacuee said he realized early on that Harvey wasn't going to be a regular storm.

"We have friends that are on Facebook. They're all going around in boats. They've been rescued from top of their roofs and this is going on everywhere in Galveston county right now," said Ronnie Mills, a Houston area resident.

The Lufkin Marine Corps League said they are making preparations as they anticipate
the rain in the coming days. The group said they are using this time wisely, moving supplies to Nacogdoches shelters - if and when they open.

We loaded up two of our five ton trucks with supplies that would accommodate two hundred evacuees. That an evacuation center would need to function properly and take care of evacuees," said Brian Crews, a commandant with the Lufkin Marina Corps League.

They have loaded items such as cots, blankets water and other personal items.

Even though Mills is above ground with his family at a Lufkin hotel, he hopes his neighbors back home are safe.

"We're thankful that we're not going through what some of the people are going through and as a retired pastor I'm praying for all these people," Mills said. 

Crews said they will deliver two truck loads of supplies, enough to take care of 200 more evacuees on Monday.

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