Trinity County shuts down road, makes way for NYPD caravan to Houston

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - On their way to the Houston area to aid in recovery efforts, the New York Police Department  drove through one East Texas county, lifting the spirits of those dealing with their own hardships in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

"Sheriff Woody Wallace has called, and asked that the fire department and PD to shut down the intersection so that they can pass through without any problems," said Trinity Police Chief Steven  during his Facebook Live. "So they can keep on going to where they're trying to get to help people."

It was a welcomed site for the many people in Trinity County who remain on alert and have enacted their own mandatory evacuations for certain areas receiving more rain. Today, the sheriff's office was plucking residents from homes in the Sportsman Oak subdivision during water rescues.

"It's a caravan of roughly 20 to 25 vans and different rescue equipment from the New York Police Department," Jones said. "Here they come! Like I said it's not a crazy thing, but it's a unique, awesome thing showing that we have support for Texas, and support for our community from all over the nation."

The Trinity County Police Department posted the live stream video of the caravan to their Facebook page here.

According to the department's facebook page, Trinity ISD will resume classes tomorrow morning.

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