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Gift of Love: Jordan and Jaylon

These brothers are looking for the Gift of Love These brothers are looking for the Gift of Love
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Jordan and Jaylon were bouncing off the walls at iJump. These brothers are both smart and funny. 15-year-old Jordan has a very kind heart and enjoys helping those around him. In fact, helping others is his life's goal.

"I want to be an endocrinologist, a Diabetic doctor because I have diabetes and I want to help people other people that have diabetes," Jordan said.

But first he has to get through the 9th grade. His favorite classes are social studies and U.S. History. As for college, Jordan wants to attend Louisiana State University.

"Because my favorite NFL player went there. Who's that Odell Beckham," Jordan said.

When not focused on school, Jordan likes to play sports.

"Play football, play basketball and play video games," Jordan said.

Jordan also likes animals, especially dogs, and to ride bikes and talk on the phone. As for his three wishes, Jordan has one that is more important to him than all the rest.

"I want to go to Jamaica, and I want to meet Odell Beckham and I want to get out of foster care," Jordan said.

Jordan hopes to find that forever family with his younger brother Jaylon. This 13-year-old is also in the 9th grade. And if he seems a little young, your right. Jaylon skipped a grade!

As for his future, "I want to be a scientist so I can study stuff and have fun like Bill Nye the science gu." Jaylon said.

Jaylon loves the outdoors and playing outside. He enjoys fishing, camping, and playing with animals. He also enjoys watching movies and playing video games and would like a family that would do that with him.

"I have fun, go to basketball games and go swimming." Jaylon said.

He hopes to play on the basketball team at school. And like his brother, Jaylon would also like to travel to somewhere tropical.

"The Bahamas because I want to see how pretty it is," Jaylon said.

But before they begin their travels, Jaylon and Jordan long for a family who will love them forever, a family that will show them the Gift of Love.

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